Residents Show Support for Pokie Reform

In recent weeks, we have heard a great deal about individuals and groups who are against pokie reform and very little from those who support it. As it stands, it seems that the only people in favour of pokie reform are those that work for the government. However, a new study has revealed that there are plenty of people across across who are supportive of the idea of pokie reform.

The results of a a survey conducted by the Australian National University reveal that a majority of individuals in the country are supportive on Andrew Wilke’s initiative. 1000 people surveyed stated that they think gambling reform would be a good idea. This has been some of the only positive reinforcement that the Australian government has received since announcing its plants to reform the pokies industry across Australia.

The current plan for pokie reform is to install pre-commitment technology on all pokie machines. The software would require players to identify themselves and commit to spending a particular amount of money. This would prevent them from going broke in a single session, which happens to be the case for many gambling addictions across the country.

70% of respondants stated that they believe gambling needs to be more closely monitored while 75% of those interviewed stated that they would agree to setting limits before playing pokes. By the end of 2014, the Australian government hopes to have pre-commitment software installed on all pokie machines, and this support seems to be a push in the right direction.

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