TabCorp Reports Increasing Revenue

The Australian gambling market was hit with hard times recently. After the global recession, it was difficult for casinos and gambling operators to recover their lost revenue, but now things finally seem to be getting better. TabCorp, one of the biggest gambling operators in Australia, has reported record earnings for the financial year.

This year, TabCorp is proud to boast a 14% increase in profits, reporting a $550 million revenue jump in 2010. This is the result of many different business deals the company has undertaken, which have helped to boost the company’s own profile and its profits.

Most recently, TabCorp secured a Keno license in Victoria, becoming the only operator to offer Keno games in the area. The deal was a lucrative one, and TabCorp received a massive $60 million one-off payment to seal the deal.

Over the next year, TabCorp will continue to develop its gaming products to make them attractive to gamers of all kinds across the country. In addition to working on existing platforms, the company will also work on creating new technological innovations for the Australian gambling market, including a new online wagering platform.

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