Greater Dandenong Spends Most on Pokies

A recent report, which revealed the spending habits of pokies players, indicated that residents of Manningham spend the most money on poker machines. While the national average is $611 per person, residents of the area spend more than $680 each year on pokies. Now, another city puts Manningham to shame, spending over $1000 per person on poker machines.

According to the Dandenong Leader, residents of Greater Dandenong spend $1100 per person on pokies each year. This is nearly double the national average, indicating that there may be reason to worry in the city.

According to Daniel Martin, general manager of Dandenong Club, the revenue from pokies is needed to help fund government initiatives. He states that his club contributed over $100 000 to various causes, including sponsorships and donations. He said that the club itself only took in a $50 000 profit.

There are only 15 venues across the area with a total of 944 gaming machines. At these venues, Australians spent more than $117 million on pokies last year. The two venues that raked in the most revenue were The Keysborough Hotel with $19 million and Highways Tabaret with $16 million.

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