Pokie Reform Forces Raiders to Look for New Sponsor

With the threat of pokie reform being implemented in the neat future, sports clubs across Australia are preparing for the worst. The Canberra Raiders is just one of many teams who has started the search for a new sponsor, fearing that pokie reform will result in a loss of funding for the team.

Should pokie reform be enacted, spending on pokies is likely to decrease. This means that funding for a wide range of charities and clubs will also decline, which will have negative effects on the state of a wide range of not-for-profit organizations.

The CFMEU/Tradies Club was a sponsor for the Canberra Raiders, offering the team financial support. However, the club has chosen not to renew its contract with the team, the possibility of pokie reform means that Tradies may have less money to spend on community projects like sports funding.

The Raiders are just one of many teams who have been forced into this positive. The Brumbies found themselves in a similar situation after CA Technology chose not to renew its contract with the team.

Sports clubs are getting desperate as pokie reform is threatening to have dire effects on their funding. In a mad scramble to find new sponsors, rugby and football teams across the country have been left in a difficult position.

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