Hundreds Rally Against Pokie Reform

Over 850 people were in attendance at a pokie reform rally this week. Hundreds of Australians showed up to show that they do not support the initiative introduced by Andrew Wilkie, which would require players to setting betting limits before being able to play pokies.

Individuals of 22 clubs across the country showed up, to voice their opinions on the matter. These clubs and organizations believe that pokie reform will cut back on their ability to fund charities and other good causes across the country. Sports clubs provide a great deal of funding to not-for-profit organizations like the Salvation Army, and if pokie reform is enacted, charities will lose out.

They also believe that pokie reform will not actually be effective in addressing problem gambling, a growing issue in Australia communities. It is believed that once pokie reform is enacted, gambling addicts will take their habits online to a largely unregulated gambling market. Instead of spending money on pokie reform changes, clubs believe that the money should be spent on employee initiatives that actually address addictive behaviour.

The efforts to fight pokie reform are becoming ever-aggressive, but Andrew Wilkie stands firm on his position. A few MPs have even joined the cause against pokie reform, but only time will tell if the law will be enacted.

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