Burke Shows Support for Pokie Reform

Pokie reform is becoming a heavily-debated topic across Australia. Previously, the majority of residents and organizations seemed to be for the initiative, but now it seems that most people are against it. However, Sydney MP Tony Burke has come forward to show his support for pokie reform.

Recently, Andrew Wilkie, the MP who thought up pokie reform, has had a hard time gaining support for his cause. Sports clubs, casinos and even charities have spoken out against the reform, calling it ineffective and unfair.

Now, Wilkie is finally seeing a bit of support. Just this week, Burke spoke up to say that he supports Andrew Wilkie’s push to implement pokie reform. He acknowledges that sports clubs have ramped up their efforts to fight the implementation of the initiative but he stands firm that it is a benefit to the country at large.

He states that he has met many families who lives have been negatively affected by gambling addictions. He believes that pokie reform will do something useful to address the issue of growing problem gambling rates across the country.

“I can’t look them in the eye to say we’re doing enough about problem gambling”, he says.

On the other hand, sports clubs across the country do not believe that pokie reform will stop problem gambling rates from climbling. They cite charities like the Salvation Army, which state that gambling addiction is a deep-rooted issue that cannot be blamed on the availabilty of gambling machines alone.

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