Poll Shows Support for Pokie Reform

Despite what the mass media would have you believe, there are actually a few people who support pokie reform. In fact, more than half of the country believe that Andrew Wilkie’s initiative is a good idea. A recently survey shows that the majority of Australian citizens back pokie reform, as stark contrast to the the sports clubs that have bee campaigning against the proposed plan.

A new survey has been published by Essential Media, which indicates that 67% of Australians actually support pokie reform. This is quite shocking news as the media has been broadcasting a great deal of propaganda from those opposed to precommitment technology. Rallies have been held and sports clubs have even launched media campaigns against the reform, but it seems like not everyone has been convinced.

Rev. Tim Costello of the Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce believes that this survey presents much-needed data. He states that the media tries to convey that everyone is against pokie reform, but that is simply not the case.

According to the poll’s findings, 34% and 33% of respondents “strongly support” and “support” pokie reform, respectively. Just 12% and 13% “strongly support” and “support” the initiative. The results of the survey also show that young adults (under 35) show the most support for pokie reform with 73% stating that it is a good idea.

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