New Pokies Laws Increase Government Revenue by Over $150 Million

In Bailleau, new laws will see the government obtain an extra $160 million from poker machines. The legislation will divide pokie losses two ways: half going to the gaming venue’s operator and the other half going to the government. This is a significant revision from the government’s current plan, dividing profits three ways: between the venue, the operator and the government.

Over the course of the past few years, pokies have brought in about $1 billion in profits annually. This year, expert predictions estimate that profits will rise to about $1.03 billion this year and increase by another $70 million the following year.

Poker machines taxes are the most profitable for local market, as pokies contribute more government revenue than any other government-regulated fees. With the newly revised gambling laws, this small jump in revenue will mean huge gains for the local government. The extra $160 million that the government will obtain will provide local charities and not-for-profit organizations with much-needed funding to ensure their successful operation.

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