Nick Xenophon Changes Opinion On Pokie Reform

Nick Xenophon has decided to change his opinion on pokie reform. The senator has been very vocal about reducing problem gambling rates, but he just can’t seem to decide on what he thinks is the best course of action. After supporting Andrew Wilke’s mandatory pre-commitment technology scheme, Xenophon has switched sides.

The Greens have recently introduced an alternative to Wilke’s pokie reform. Rather than requiring players to set their own betting limits, The Greens want to impose $1 betting limits. Initially, Xenophon supported Wilke’s plan, but he has had a change of heart over the course of the past few months.

Xenophon’s reason for changing his mind is quite simple. He has decided to back the $1 betting limit plan as it is “easier to explain”.

Problem gambling groups, are not thrilled with the idea. His quick change of heart reflects the idea that gambling reform is not actually aimed at helping problem gamblers. It seems the politicians are willing to submit and support gambling reform schemes without research or proof that they will actually work.

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