Woman Receives Pokies Payout After 18 Months

A woman from Adelaide will be receiving a $100 000 payout – just 18 months after her win was made. Over the course of the past year and a half, Celia Cubillo had been refused her winnings by the Adelaide Casino, and she has finally received justice.

The reason that the casino refused to pay out Ms. Cubillo is because she had won the $100 000 prize using another person’s wager. When she went to sit down at the machine, there was still a $1 credit left on it from a previous player. She spun the reels and, luckily for her, she was paid out a jackpot.

According to the casino operator, it is against regulations set out by the Liquor and Gambling Commission to pay out these types of wins. They call them “abandoned credits”, so no one – technically – should be able to collect winnings on them.

Ms. Cubillo would not accept that as a suitable response, fighting long and hard to have the situation rectified. Finally, the casino decided to provide the player with her well-deserved winnings. The casino operator also apologized for any stress the situation may have caused Ms Cubillo.

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