Pokies Trial Will Not Start On Time

The federal government has planned for the pokie reform technology trial to begin at the start of 2013. However, gaming manufacturers have warned that the technology will not be ready in time to meet the deadline, pushing the trial’s start date back even further.

According to Ross Ferrar of the Gaming Technologies Association, it would take a year or more to create the technology that would allow players to set their own betting limits while playing pokies. The technology would also have to go through testing and accreditation processes, which also accounts for the extensive timeline.

Manufacturers might have been able to start developing the technology earlier; however, the Gillard government had difficulty providing a definite answer about the implementation of betting limits and the proposed trial. So, they have had to wait until now to begin their construction of new software made especially for the trial.

Should they begin within the next month, it is likely that manufacturers will not have anything ready until at least the middle of 2013. As such, the government will have to consider delaying the start date of the new pokie reform trial.

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