Poker machines provide Australians with what seemed to be one of the most popular recreational activities in the country. However, pokies seem to losing their touch, as a recent study has shown that fewer dollars are being spent on poker machines.

According to ABC news, Australians are spending $2 billion less than they had in the previous year. While they are still contributing over $10 billion to the market overall, $2 billion is a massive drop in revenue for gaming clubs and the charities they provide for. Over all, gaming revenues have dropped to about $17 billion overall, despite the sportsbetting market seeing more action.

Researcher Jane Ianniello claims that the global recession has had a big impact on gambling spending. She notes that players increased their spending shortly after the global recession. However, now that they have had a chance to step back and examine their finances, they are cutting back on their recreational activities.

Fewer Australians seem to be going to local gaming clubs to have a drink and play pokies. Thus, there is less opportunity to spend money on gambling activities and other forms of adult entertainment. This should be a sign to club owners that they may have to start depending less on gambling revenue and invest in other forms of entertainment.

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