Study Determines Link Between Problem Gambling and Pokie Club ATMs

Allowing players to make multiple withdrawals from casino ATMs encourages some players to spend more than they can afford when gambling. As such, this can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety, which could lead to the development of unhealthy gambling habits.

The Victorian government has just enacted a legislation that will require casino operators to remove ATMs from their gaming floors. This will prevent patrons from having easy access to cash withdrawal, in hopes that this will curb problem gambling rates in the area.

So, it is perfect timing for Swinburne University’s new study, which will examine the link between the development of addictive gambling habits and the availability of ATMs in casinos and clubs. The new study, consisting of a survey for over-18s, hopes to prove that there is a positive correlation, supporting the government’s decision to remove ATMs from gambling venues.

The researchers have announced that they will conduct the study again in a couple of years. This will determine whether or not the Victorian government’s initiative was effective.

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