When Will The Pokie Reform Trial Start?

The federal government has confirmed that the deadline for the pokie reform trial will be February 2013; however, no details about when the trial will start have been released.

Jeff House of Clubs ACT has stated that the federal government would be willing to push back its deadline if the poker machines are not ready in time. According to reports, outfitting pokies with precommitment technology could take a year. Manufacturers have not even started this process so the possibility of a February deadline is unlikely.

There is a great deal of tension surrounding the possibility of the pokie reform trial, and Andrew Wilkie and Clubs ACT are at odds. The organization has announced that it will not take part in the trial if the government adheres to Wilkie’s wishes.

Wilkie has stated that the trial has been set up to fail, so he has requested number of changes to the trial. He would like to see stricter guidelines for the trial, so that it would actually make pokie reform a viable possibility for the rest of the country outside of ACT.

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