Sports Benefit Most from Pokies Funding

When it comes to sports funding, there is mounting concern that clubs are becoming too dependent on funds donated from poker machine revenue. With local governments seeking to implement caps on poker machines and sinking lid policies, it may be time for sports clubs to seek out other financial resources, but some are concerned that it may be too late.

After decades of benefitting from poker machine revenue, sports clubs are likely to have a difficult time looking for other funding sources. As it stands, the sports industry receives upwards ward $800 million each year from poker machine revenue, and it may be difficult to replace that source of income if pokie spending declines.

The sport that receives the most amount of funding from pokies is rugby. Over the course of the past few years, rugby has received more than $140 million on average annually. Horseracing receives $99 million while football receives $60 million.

These numbers far overshadow those being donated to other community programs such as education and health. Less than $200 million from poker machines goes to education-based programs, so these types of organizations are well-versed in searching for funding from other sources.

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