Sky City Wants Cashless Gambling for Pokies

As part of the new convention centre deal, Sky City seems to betting getting everything it wants – that is, until now. The casino operator’s request to utilize cashless ticket gambling at its local Auckland gambling venue has been turned down by city councilors.

When Sky City agreed to build the city’s new $350 million convention centre, it seemed like the gambling operator got the worse end of the deal. So, for a while, the company could get away with some outrageous requests (such as the addition of 500 new pokies); but after a recent report revealed that the operator would be making an additional $75 million off of those machines, the government has tightened up.

Now, it seems that the local government feels comfortable turning down Sky City’s request for new cashless ticketing technology. This system would prevent players from using real cash to gamble; instead, they would use barcoded tickets in order to cash out and play games.

City councilors believe that this technology would do more harm than good by taking away the real financial consequences of gambling. Players would not realize how much money they are actually losing, contributing to more losses for local citizens. As such, Sky City’s request has been denied.

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