New Sopranos Pokies from Aristocrat

Movies and video games have become popular themes for poker machine developers, but television shows are part of a realm that has yet to be explored. As such, Aristocrat is going where no other casino developer has gone before, creating a poker machine based on the popular HBO series The Sopranos.

This new video slots game is features characters from the TV series, as well as clips and soundbytes. The game’s soundtrack also aims to immerse players in the seedy underworld of New Jersey’s monopoly. Overall, Aristocrat has done a great job in conveying the general ambiance of The Soprano’s setting.

There are several bonus features that players can take advantage of while playing The Sopranos pokies, including free spins and multipliers. Together, these features work together to create a very profitable experience for lucky players. The offscreen bonus feature gives players the chance to open up the backs of trucks to accumulate impressive cash prizes.

When you play The Soprano pokies, you’re also eligible for a fantastic progressive prize. It is one of the few Aristocrat poker machines that provides a progressive jackpot, so you can earn some very lucrative jackpot prizes by playing this game.

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