Plenty of Pokies Available at IGT’s DoubleDown Casino

If you have visited IGT’s website lately, you will find that there is a new tab called “Social Gaming”, which leads you to a splash page for DoubleDown Casino. This marks one of the first occasions on which IGT has staked its claim on DoubleDown’s software, advertising the social gaming casino.

While there are plenty of games to choose from, this largest collection of casino games is currently pokies. While some operator exclusively on IGT software and others are the products of DoubleDown’s creative team, the selection of poker machines offers players an incredible gaming experience.

The selection of slots available includes The Brady Bunch and the new American Idol pokies, each of which presents players with the chance to win jackpots of 20x the player’s original bet. Each of the 12 pokies available also offers players impressive progressive jackpots worth millions of coins.

Since players cannot spend actual money to wager on the games, 1 million coins is initially awarded to each player upon signing up. They can add to their balance by purchasing additional coins, winning games or simply signing in the next day for a replenished account.

As it is a social casino, players can choose to share their progress via Facebook or use the social networking platform to invite friends and share prizes. It is a certainly an innovative and exciting gaming system, especially for players who want all of the excitement of playing pokies but without the cost.

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