No More Pokies for AFL

In a shocking new development, the Australian Football League has decided to sell off all of its poker machines. Despite deriving a great deal of funding from pokies profits, the league wants to distance itself from the gambling market, a move that has impressed the general public.

AFL Chief Andrew Demetriou is the brains behind the idea. With anti-gambling lobbying getting more and more media attention, he believes that it is best for the sports league to depend less on the profits generated by poker machines and find other ways earn funding. There is mounting concern over the dangers of gambling and the harm that the activity has the potential to cause, and the AFL does not want to be associated with that type of controversy.

Senator Nick Xenophon has applauded the AFL’s decision and the general public is also quite pleased to see the league taking this initiative. However, some AFL clubs are none-too-pleased with the news. Several clubs across the club depend heavily on the funding generated by poker machines, and it will be difficult for them to replace the resource.

This is a positive step forward for the sports market in Australia. It is hoped that other clubs will follow suit, leaving the operation of pokies up to casino companies.

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