Lord of the Rings Pokies May Be Removed from Online Casinos

For the past week, rumours have been circulating regarding the fate of the much-loved online pokies game based on Lord of the Rings. Designed by Microgaming, the game received a great deal of attention from players and great reviews from critics. However, there is now the possibility that the game may be removed from online casinos that are powered by Microgaming.

The news has come as a shock to the online gambling world, as Lord of the Rings has been one of the most successful online pokies to be released during the past few years. It was just last year the Lord of the Rings was made into a progressive jackpots game, signalling just how popular the online pokies game had become.

However, no one is quite sure as to why the game could be removed, whether there are legal issues or software issues surrounding the situation. The rumours came about as many Microgaming affiliates claimed to have been informed that Lord of the Rings will no longer be available as part of their gaming suites. A formal statement has yet to be made, so it is currently hearsay at the moment.

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