PlayTech Pokies in Trouble

PlayTech recently announced the release of a new online slots game called Lakshmi’s Gold. It marked an entirely new direction for the online casino operator; however, not everyone was pleased with the game’s topic. Hindus are upset with the fact that their deities have been used to promote gambling activities, and have asked that the game be recalled.

Lakshmi’s Gold is a 25-payline online slots game which features Hindu gods Lakshmi and Ganesh. Cows are also featured, another sacred symbol among Hindus. Lakshmi is considered the world mother while Ganesh is a symbol of wisdom.

As such, the common consensus is that the game is offensive to Hindus. Using religious figures that an entire group of people worship as part of a casino game is neither considered tasteful or respectful, and the community has demanded an apology.

Rajan Zed, a well-known figured in the Hindu community, has come forward to express his anger on behalf of Hindus around the world. With one billion devotees, Zed does not believe that Hinduism should be taken lightly. He wants to see PlayTech recall the game and issue an apology; however, PlayTech has yet to respond to his statements.

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