30 New Pokies for Gateway Island Pub

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The St Ives Tavern in Gateway Island has been granted a license for 30 new poker machines, thanks to the Victoria Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation. The new machines are expected to bring in an additional $1.4 million per year for the venue, combined with profits from pokies at other clubs owned by the company.

St. Ives Tavern also plans to purchase land nearby, using it to host garden weddings and other posh events. However, the company noted that purchasing the land and converting it would not be possible without the acquisition of 30 new poker machines.

In return for being granted the new pokies, St. Ives will provide the local community with $10 000. It will be used to fund problem gambling programs in the area, helping those struggling with gambling addiction get the help they need for themselves and their families.

This is the second approval for new poker machines in just over a month. In March, the Victoria Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regular granted a license to the Black Stump in Wodonga, doubling their number of pokie machines from 20 to 40.

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