Wilkie Shows Support for Watered-Down Pokie Reforms

MP Andrew Wilkie seemed to have finally had enough. After spending the last year fighting for poker machine reform, the Gillard government has presented a very watered-down version of what Wilkie originally wanted. Rather than imposing $1 betting limits, pokies clubs are now testing voluntary pre-commitment systems. And Wilkie has backed the amendment.

It is a far cry from what Wilkie initially had planned for pokie reform; however, it seems that this point, he will take what he can get. He hopes that more effective solutions will be presented in the future, expressing his support for a bill that would require all new poker machines to come equipped with mandatory pre-commitment software.

Other political parties are not so keen on situation, however. Senator Nick Xenophon and the Greens have announced that they will not support the new pokies amendment. They want to keep pushing for a new law that would impose $1 betting limits on all poker machines across the country.

Wilkie doesn’t seem very pleased about the situation, either; however, it seems as though there is not much that he can do to chance things at the moment. According to the Brisbane Times, Wilkie feels ‘used’, and it is no wonder he has lost his motivation.

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