Could Clubs Suffer From New Pokies Bill?

In New Zealand, politicians are considering the idea of passing a bill that would eventually reduce the overall number of poker machines in the country. It would not give local city councillors the power the limit how many poker machines can exist in an area; they would also be able to get rid of pokies. As such, many organizations are against the idea, fearing that they would lose out on revenue. One of the groups that is most opposed the legislation is the one consisting of club owners and operators, fearing that they would lose out on valuable profits generated by pokies.

According to local club owners, a number of negative effects will result from the elimination of poker machines. Reduced opening hours, employment cuts and club closures could all result from the reduction of the number of poker machines in certain cities.

However it is up to local club owners to depend on other sources of revenue to increase their profits. Rather than focusing on gambling profits, some clubs are now looking at expanding their entertainment options to increase revenue. It would give them the chance to remain profitable without opposing the legislation, which ultimately has the well-being of the community at large at heart.

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