Greens Want $1 Limits for Pokies

Even though the Gillard government has decided to launch a poker machine reform trial of voluntary pre-commitment technology, local politicians still want to make changes to poky reform. The voluntary pre-commitment trial is set to begin in 2014, but The Greens are still pushing to impose $1 betting limits on all poker machines.

While the pokie reform trial is planned to take place in the ACT, the Greens £1 betting limits are being proposed for Victoria. With a large portion of the country’s poker machines, Victoria would be an ideal area in which to launch betting limits.

Cathy Oke, a Greens MP, believes that betting limits will slow the rate at which individuals lose their money. As a result, problem gambling rates are likely to be curbed. With many politicians claiming that the ACT pokies trial will not be effective in curbing problem gambling rates, Oke sees this as a beneficial solution.

“It was always the best solution. It means the machines are far less dangerous,” says Oke. “It works to stop the runaway binges, where gamblers are getting in the zone”.

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