Clubs Australian Proposes New Responsible Pokies Program

While pokie reform is at the heart of the problem gambling issue, some organizations are not convinced that it will be enough to actual reduce the number of gambling addicts in the country. Clubs Australia is one of these organizations and has proposed a new responsible gambling program that aims to empower the player.

Recently, Clubs Australia has written a policy paper: Part of the Solution. Aimed at federal politicians, it seeks to establish a better connection between industry professionals and researchers that will allow them to create better responsible gambling programs. These programs are essential to ensuring that the population of problem gamblers in Australia does not grow.

”This would involve staff approaching patrons displaying the signs of problematic gambling”, says a spokesperson for Clubs Australia.

As part of the program, club employees would then be able to engage the patrons in a dialogue about their gambling habits. They would be able to offer them the assistance they need, including possible self-exclusion and other gambling addiction-related services. This is a new approach for problem gambling programs in Australia, and we hope that it will see some success.

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