MPs Want to See Pokie Reform Legislation

Over the course of the past few weeks, the federal government was supposed to be drawing up a draft legislation for the new pokie reform trial. However, it seems that very little has been done to move forward, as independent MPs are still waiting to see a draft of the bill.

This is just the latest controversy surrounding the new pokie reform laws. Earlier this year, Andrew Wilkie was embroiled in a bitter battle with the federal government over the rules of the new poker machine reform trial in the ACT.

Nick Xenophon issued a request to see the legislation in its current form, which was rejected by the Gillard government. Andrew Wilkie would also like to take a look at a draft of the legislation but he has also been denied access to it.

The situation has caused many gambling reform supporters to become suspicious. Has the federal government even started drafting the legislation? Or, does it have something to hide. Either way, it seems that responsible gambling is not a priority for the Gillard government, according to various politicians.

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