Low-Income Families Prevented From Playing Pokies

A new income control program will prevent low-income families who receive benefits from gambling and playing poker machines. The trial program, which will first be tested on Aboriginals, will use pre-paid cards to ensure that families are only spending their benefit money on essential items that will ensure the welfare of their children.

In recent years, it has become apparent that the heads of many low-income families have been spending their welfare money on items that do not benefit their families. These items include alcohol, pornography, cigarettes and gambling activities. The new program will prevent this from happening, as the government wants to see families putting the well-being of their children first.

The program will introduce the use of BasicsCards. They will be pre-loaded with the amount of welfare money that each family will receive. Families will be able to use the cards at particular approved outlets across the state. Payments for utilities other items will be allocated directly.

Since program gambling affects a great number of low-income families across Australia, this program may benefit the fight against gambling addiction. The trial will begin this month, and we are eager to see its results.

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