Pokies Clubs Want Online Gambling Monopoly

Clubs Australia has been very busy lately, making its opinions on the local gaming market known. First, the organization intervened in the implementation of pokie reform. Then, it launched an ad campaign, insisting that Clubs Australia has the best interests of players at heart. Now, the organization has gotten wind of the potential for legalized online gambling and wants to get involved.

With the recent news that the local government is considering legalizing online gambling, Clubs Australia feels that it is the duty of local club owners to operate online casino and online poker websites. As such, the organization feels that a monopoly is appropriate, restricting international companies from operating in Australia.

“We strongly believe that if the federal and state governments choose to go down that path, then the safest way is through a club-based, not-for profit-model,” Anthony Ball of Clubs Australia.

Unfortunately for Clubs Australia, the idea may not go over very well with local politicians. Taking a page from the European gambling market, the European Union has worked hard to stop countries from enacting online gambling monopolies. In favour of free trade, the Australian government may adopt the same attitude.

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