Clubs Australia Tries to Get Around Pokie Reform

According to a recent report by 7 News, Clubs Australia seems to be trying to find a way around potential pokie reforms. A training document released on Clubs Australia’s website supports the use of mobile ATM machines, allowing players to withdraw more than the $250 which would be allowed by ATMs inside the pubs if pokie reform is enacted.

Senator Nick Xenophon, who is renowned for his pro-reform stance, has expressed his disappointment at the news, wondering why an organization would try so hard to get around a reform that ultimately aims to help problem gamblers. Clubs Australia claims that reforms would cost them 40% of revenue, but Xenophon states that this cannot be proven:

“In the worst case scenario, it’s between 10 to 20 per cent,” he says, citing legitimate documents on the subject.

Anthony Ball of Clubs Australia has defended his organization, stating that it does not support the use of mobile ATM machines. To prove its dedication, Clubs Australia has even agreed to take part in the pokie reform trial.

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