Meet Robert Gorodetsky – Instagram’s Latest Gambling Sensation

  • 25-year-old punter has over 172K followers on Instagram
  • A new generation of professional gambler, who flaunts his riches like rappers and athletes

Let’s face it. Plenty of us use Instagram to get a sneak peek into the lives of the rich and famous. Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and The Rock are the most followed celebrities on the social network, and now there is a new cool kid in town, who has made a name for himself as a gambler.

Robert Gorodetsky is a 25-year-old professional gambler. He has recently emerged on the scene, after having made his millions betting on table games like blackjack and partaking in sportsbetting. He’s been seen on Instagram with plenty of famous friends like Drake, Scott Disik and Dan Bilzerian.

He’s known to bet on everything, from college basketball games to whether or not his friends can pick up attractive women in bars:

“You see this girl, right?’’ Gorodetsky says. “We’ll set a line like Vegas does. Can you get her or not?’’

However, building his fortune has been hard word. Over the years, he has grinded away, using the typical statistical analysis of any successful gambler to make the right choices over an extended period of time.

“People are always like, ‘What’s the secret?’ I’m like, ‘There is no secret.’ It’s hard work. It’s luck. It’s odds. It’s probability. It’s not a magic show. It’s not Copperfield.”

Gorodetsky flaunts his lifestyle on social media, sharing photos of his winning sportsbetting tickets and his parties with celebrities – all while donning a hat that reads GAMBLR. He even has an entourage that follow him wherever he goes, consisting of a pickup artist, a financial manager and several other people who are integral to his lifestyle.

This could be the beginning of a brand new era of professional gamblers. With the exception of Dan Bilzerian who became a popular online celebrity several years back, you don’t tend to see professional gamblers flaunting much on social media. Rob and Dan are making way for a different type of punter, who flaunt their lifestyles with the flash and flair of rappers and professional athletes.

You can follow his exploits on Instagram @bigrobstyle. He currently has 172 000 followers but that number is sure to grow as he continues to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.


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