High roller pokies are those which need relatively big bets if you want to play, but are also the games which can offer you some of the best rewards. In general, higher limit pokies can boast a higher payout percentage than games with lower limits and they normally have exclusive sections in casinos. There are often better perks on offer to VIPs. Click here to read more.


One of the most important decisions you will be asked to make when you first start playing high roller pokies is what denominations you would like to play. This decision becomes much easier with a little wisdom and math knowledge.

In general terms, payout percentages go up alongside the denomination, which is logical if you consider that every machine must earn its place in a casino. In a land-based venue, for example, owners will look at the value of each pokie based on the money made per square foot. This means that lower limit pokies will have a lower percentage payout to ensure that they can still deserve their place on the casino floor.

These increased payout percentages should never tempt you to leave your comfort zone, however. Do not exceed your limits just to maximise the percentages, as this can lead to a whole range of issues. The best practice is to never exceed your comfortable limits and to aim to minimise losses whilst maximising on fun and entertainment. If you have set yourself a budget of $500, for example, you might want to reconsider betting on a $25-a-spin pokie, unless you don’t want to be playing for that long.


Working Out Your Budget

The average pokie player will make around 600 bets in an hour, and this figure can be a good way of working out how much money you are going to spend according to the time you’re expecting to play, your budget and the denominations you choose. Of course, this is not a fool-proof method of determining how much you will spend, but it can be used to give you some sort of idea before you start.

The aim must always be to stake bets which are high enough that they will keep your pokie playing interesting without putting yourself at risk of losing far more than you can afford. Author John Vorhaus talks of the ‘gulp limit’ in his Poker Night: Winning at Home, at the Casino, and Beyond, book. The idea is that your ‘gulp limit’ is the amount which would make you gulp if you lost it. This could help you to determine how much you can afford to bet and which denominations you should choose.

You should try and determine your overall gambling bankroll for each session you want to play. Having a maximum session amount will enable you to think about how long you want to be playing and, as a result, determine the denominations you want to play. Take a recreational trip to the land-based casinos in Las Vegas as an example. If you are planning to spend four-hours a day playing pokies over a two-day trip, you need to have enough money to fund eight hours of playing without going broke.

This could be as little as $10 to $20 if you plan to play the penny pokies, but you would need to be prepared to lose $12,000 if you’re planning on spending $25-a-spin. The aim is to play within your means to ensure that you can enjoy the excitement of the spins without worrying about the consequences of an hour or two of fun. You want to be free to enjoy the entertainment and excitement of the pokies you choose to play, rather than spending the time worrying about how much you have staked or regretting your casino experience once the spinning has stopped.

Playing High Limit Pokies Online

In the majority of cases, online casinos generally have lower limits on betting than you might find in land-based venues, but some will up the limits if you want to bet big. This is not often mentioned openly on online gambling sites, but many do give their customer services department the discretion to up limits for certain players in the right circumstances.

Whether this will happen depends on the casino you choose and the type of software it uses. Some online casinos cannot accommodate high rolling action. If, however, you do want to stake higher bets than seem to be available, then it is always worth requesting a casino host.

For many pokie players, however, there are plenty of choice of high rolling action already available. Many pokies allow you to bet on multiple paylines, which means that big bets can often be created relatively easily if that’s the way you want to play. You could choose a $5-a-spin game, for example, but your stake could rise to $45-a-spin if you bet on nine separate lines.

This means that online casinos and pokies offer plenty of action if you enjoy high rolling play. What’s more, online casinos will often offer higher percentages of payback than their land-based counterparts. This is because online casinos will generally face much lower running costs than land-based venues, making it financially viable to offer higher payback percentages.

High limit pokie players often prefer internet casinos for the convenience and privacy they offer in comparison to land-based casinos. Play online and you enjoy all of the excitement of land-based casino games from the privacy of your own home – or wherever you choose to play. This offers an accessibility and convenience that many high limit players appreciate.

Many high rollers inevitably find themselves fully immersed in a game, making it unnecessary to sacrifice time and energy when you can spin and win on a multitude of exciting pokies when you choose to play online. This sort of play can make it far easier to concentrate on the game in hand and ensure that your total focus is on having fun and waiting for those wins to roll in.