If you are going to spend big, you want to make sure you get the biggest bang for you buck. Below we list the top online casinos for High Rollers and the deposit matches they offer for new players.

Fair Go

100% Match Up To $200

Deposit $200 and get $400 to Play. x30 wagering requirement.

Mucho Vegas

100% Match Up To $100

Deposit $100 and get $200 to Play. x30 wagering requirement.

Ace Pokies

100% Match Up To $500

Deposit $500 and get $1,000 to Play + 50 Free Spins. x40 wagering requirement.

Box 24 Casino New

500% Match Deposit Bonus

Deposit $100 and get $600 to Play. x35 wagering requirement.

Desert Nights

100% Match Up To $1,000

Deposit $1,000 and get $2,000 to Play. x28 wagering requirement.

Majestic Slots Club

200% Match Bonus

Deposit $100 and get $300 to Play. x25 wagering requirement.

Spartan Slots

500% Match Deposit Bonus

Deposit $100 and get $600 to Play. x35 wagering requirement.

Joe Fortune Long

200% Match Up To $1,000

Deposit $500 and get $1,500 to Play. x40 wagering requirement.

Playing at a High Roller Casino

High-limit pokies are games that you need to place relatively high bets on in order to play them. Because of this, they offer you more advantages than lower-limit slots. For example, a higher payout percentage will be offered by higher-limit games (in most cases) compared to most low-limit games. A casino will normally have an area that’s dedicated to these types of machines too, so they’re easy to locate. And you’ll generally find that you get more perks when you’re a high-roller instead of a low-roller.

high-roller-casinosFinding a High-Roller-Friendly Casino

First things first: you’re going to want to find a casino that’s ideal for you and meets your needs. Some casinos will offer different advantages, so it depends what you’re after with your casino visit. Some will welcome high-rollers with open arms, whilst others may have more limits in place. Some may accept players from your country, whilst others may not. So it’s all about doing your research and finding one that accommodates your needs best.

Don’t forget that if you’re a Mac user, you’ll need to find a casino that’s compatible for your Mac, as some might not offer these types of pokies.

Choosing Your Denomination

The denomination is one of the first things you’ll have to choose when you play at a casino, and the denomination you choose will rely on some maths, wisdom and knowledge. Combining all of these elements will help you to make a much better decision.

In a lot of cases, the higher the denomination you have, the higher the payout percentage you’ll receive. This is logical if you think about it, because if you own a casino and you want to make as much money as can per square foot, you’ll find that the penny pokies take up as much room as the $25 pokies. So how do you make sure you get as much money as possible from each of these machines? You make sure to increase the average amount of your winnings on the lower-paying machines by setting the payout percentage at a lower rate.

One thing’s for sure, though: don’t play a game at a limit that you’re uncomfortable with, even if you want to maximise how much you get out of your payout percentage. In essence, you want to maximise how much fun you have but by minimising your losses. If, on your gambling trip, you had a budget of $500, and you’re placing $25 bets on each pokie, you’ll run out of money quickly, which will ruin your trip.

Per hour, most pokie players will make 600 bets. So when you’re working out how much money you may lose at a particular denomination, you can calculate this with a few simple multiplications.

In Nevada, the house edge allowed on pokies is 25%, so in the worst-case scenario, you might lose 25% of each bet that you put into a machine. So at this rate and at a $25 stake, you’ll lose $3,750 per hour (600 bets x $25 x 25%). However, if you find a game that’s got a better payout percentage (which hopefully you will), then you could dramatically decrease how much you’re losing per hour. If you had one that had a 90% payout percentage, you’d reduce these losses to $1,500 per hour.

On the other hand, if you opt for low-limit bets, you can save a lot more money by losing much less. Based on a 75% payout on a penny pokie, you’ll lose $1.50 per hour, so you’ll be able to play for hours on end but might not get the same buzz as the high-rollers do.

So the trick is to find somewhere in the middle if you want to play at a high-roller-friendly casino without losing too much money. Once you’ve got the amount you’re happy with, you can work out how much you’re going to spend.

Let’s say you’re looking to go to Las Vegas for the weekend and you want to spend eight hours in total gambling over the weekend. You want to enjoy yourself, but you don’t want to come back bankrupt either. If you’re going for the penny pokies, you’ll be fine with $10 to $20, but if you’re hitting the $25 machines, you need to be prepared to lose $12,000 over the two days that you’re there. If that sounds too much, opt for something in the middle, where you’ll need $250 to $500.

These are just approximate guidelines, and the aim of the game is not to lose this much money! However, by determining what you can accept losing in the worst-case scenario, you’ll be able to maximise how much fun you have.

Online High-Roller Casinos

Finding High-Roller-Friendly Casinos Online A lot of the casinos you find online will have betting limits that are lower than the ones you’d visit in person, but things might not be as they initially seem. Some online casinos can up your limits if you contact their customer service department, helping you to get the bet that you want. It will depend on what casino you’re visiting online and what software they’re using, as not all online casinos can accommodate high-rollers. But it’s also worth a try to see if you can get higher bets per spin at the casino of your choice.

Some of the games you’ll find will have limits that are reasonably high anyway. With multiple paylines in play and the ability to wager on each of these, you can soon add up your dollars quite quickly. For example, if you find a game that’s $5 but you can bet on nine lines with each spin, you could be clocking up $45 per spin. That’s giving you plenty of action and isn’t the highest-limit game you’ll find in online casinos.

You’ll also find that compared to land-based casinos online ones often provide you with higher payback percentages. This is because the costs involved with running an online pokies site is much less than running a bricks-and-mortar one, giving you, the player, much more advantage. You’ve also got the added advantages of privacy and convenience, as you’re playing from your own home.