One of the most effective ways to raise funds in Australia’s sports industry is for clubs to invest in poker machines. Many rugby and football clubs across the country operate a number of pokies to help generate more revenue for various aspects of their business. The Adelaide Crows are now considering buying a venue close to the Oval in order to increase its presence and boost its funds.

There is no word yet on whether or not the new venue will be branded with the club’s name. The former Crows Tavern, if you hadn’t guessed, was operated by the team – and, the new hotel may follow the same route. Members of the club’s board have noted just how profitable pokie clubs can be for Victoria rugby and football teams.

In addition to being social venues in which fans can show their support for their favourite teams, they also present a great way for clubs to raise funds that pay for sports equipment and field time. “It’s not at the top of our list, but we are looking at all commercial options,” says Steven Trigg, Chief Executive of the Crows.

“We know both Carlton and Hawthorn are making two to three million dollars out of theirs (venues with poker machines)”. However, the board has also come across the issue of branding. While it will make the venue more attractive to fans of the team and members of the club, it may also seem too exclusive for others. Individuals who are not necessarily supporters of the Crows may be reluctant to play pokies at the hotel.

The club will be exploring options near the Adelaide Oval as well as throughout the city. This could be a great business decision for the Crows, and we are excited to hear how the club will proceed with this business venture.