Australia’s gambling laws require gambling operators to donate 7% of their profits to community initiatives which benefit, health, education, sports and arts. It is one of the most generous donation models in the world, but recently, many business owners have been abusing the privilege. Most recently, a well-known business owner named Rodney John Green was charged with fraud, after being accused of misusing a gambling grant.

Green and a member of a local sports organization have been charged with the crime. The pair misused a document in order to obtain a $10 000 grant from Infinity Gaming two years ago. The Department of Internal Affairs is now looking into the issue. An in-depth investigation has been launched, and Green may face jail time for his crime.

The Australian government takes its gambling grants very seriously, and the punishment for abusing the system is severe. The crime has only surfaced recently, as 2011 audit of Infinity Gaming revealed that the company was not handling its donations fairly. Several other companies received grants that they should not have be able to obtain from this particular operator, and Green is just one of many individuals who is facing jail time for his crime.