Casinos are commonly the targets of theft. Criminals feel that they can get away with cheating on casino games because millions of dollars pass through the venues every day – but this is not the case. Most cheaters are caught, like Xiao Dong Lu and Zhou Zhao, who have received very harsh penalties for attempting to scam SkyCity Hamilton out of money.

Xiao and Zhou collaborated with former SkyCity dealer, Bo Du, conspiring to steal $50 000 from the casino while playing rapid roulette. Bo Du manipulated the game so that the two patrons could place their bets after the ball had landed, unfairly winning them significant funds. In total, the couple managed to steal $7000 from the casino. It was not long before their scam was discovered.

Casino staff and other patrons noted that their wins were too frequent, which set the investigation in motion. The Department of Internal Affairs was called in to investigate, and deem the appropriate course of action for punishing the three individuals. Bo Du was sentenced in January. She has receive nine months home detention and must repay the casino a total of $20 000 in reparations.

She is also banned from ever working in a casino again. This week, the two patrons were sentence. Xiao avoided jail time, but only narrowly. Judge Phillip Connell has decided that she will be deported back to China. She had only paid $4000 of the $13 000 reparations that was required by the casino operator, and she had no job or any other type of financial support in the country.

As such, the judge deemed that this is the most pragmatic solution. Her boyfriend and accomplice paid the entire reparation amount. Zhao was sentenced to five months home detention, and he will be permitted to stay in the country.