Over the course of the past year, Facebook has ventured into the world of online gambling. The company previously only offered play-money casino games, but is now providing real-money casino games to players in the United Kingdom. After a successful foray into the online gambling world in the UK, Facebook is now planning on providing real-money casino games to players in Spain and Italy.

According to InterGame online, the same applications that are available in the United Kingdom will be made available to Spanish and Italian internet users. This means that applications like MAGIC888, Paddy Power and Bingo Friendzy will enter two new gambling markets. As such, they will be translated and customized to meet the needs of these new players.

The same rules and restrictions will apply to users in Spain and Italy. The applications will not be accessible to Facebook users under the age of 18 and outside of the legal jurisdictions. Sophisticated tracking software will ensure that restricted players will not be able to access these titles, and they will not be able to see friends’ posts about these games.

Since Zynga has bowed out of the online gambling market, the social gaming developer may not offer real-money casino games on Facebook.

The company announced that it would not launch its Zynga Plus Poker and Zynga Plus Casino brands in the American gambling market; however, there is no word yet on whether or not Zynga will also refrain from offering real-money casino games to Facebook users in the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.

As Facebook gambling continues to expand, it will present online gambling developers with even more opportunities to garner attention from diverse audiences. The social gambling market also greatly benefits Facebook, as the website shares in the profits of the casino operators.