The Japanese government is getting ever closer to legalising casino gambling across the country. As the bill nears approval, politicians are planning to implement safeguards in order to prevent problem gambling rates from climbing. One of the latest solutions is to impose limits for locals on gambling at the new casinos across the country. It was recently announced that locals would be restricted from entering the casino.

The safeguard would be introduced in the bill that legalises casino gambling in Japan, and only tourists will be able to visit these venues during the first few years. Locals will be permitted on casino property only after a second bill is passed. “The government, for the purpose of preventing negative effects of casino facilities by non-foreign visitors, will take necessary measures regarding admittance and capacity,” the bill reads.

There is also the possibility that Japanese politicians will take a lesson from Singapore lawmakers. Recently, it was decided that Singapore locals would be required to pay an entry levy in order to gain permission into casinos. Once the second bill is passed in Japan, and locals are allowed in the new gambling venues, they may have to pay a free to enter.

These safeguards are being presented as a preventative measure to stop the introduction of casino gambling from driving up problem gambling rates. A recent study showed that Japan has some of the highest problem gambling rates in the world – even without casino gambling being legal in the country.

So, it is important for politicians to take the necessary steps in preventing compulsive gambling becoming an even bigger problem in Japan. It will also help to appease parties that are opposed to the introduction of casino gambling.