Mobile gaming is becoming a huge market for developers and players. As mobile technology develops, we are seeing more and more games released on Android and iOS platforms and they are raking in billions of dollars in revenue. According to Juniper Research, the market will continue to expand into the future and will be worth $28.9 billion by 2016.

According to the research group, the growth will come from the recent shift in acquisition tactics. Previously, developers used ‘bulk acquisition strategies’ to get plenty of players at once. You’ll have noticed this on Facebook, when you receive endless notifications from contacts who have been prompted by the app to invite their friends. Now, developers are using analytics to appeal to players on an individual basis.

By analysing player behaviour and rewarding them accordingly, they can retain players more easily and receive more recommendations. This new tactic will certainly drive growth in the mobile gaming market. The study also predicts that tablet users will generate more revenue that smartphone users. This is likely due to the fact that tablets offer enhanced performance and graphics.

Despite the growth in mobile gaming, Juniper doubts that iOS and Android gaming will displace dedicated systems like Playstation, Xbox and Wii. These platforms will continue to serve a valuable purpose among a niche audience. Earlier this year, the company also analysed future growth in the mobile gambling market. Juniper anticipates that the mobile casino and betting market will be worth $100 billion by the year 2018.

During that time, the market will see 100 million new players logging on to mobile and social casinos from the smartphones and tablet computers.

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