As poker machine reform is being put back on the table, community groups have stepped forward to voice their opinions on the issue. Imposing a $1 betting limit on all poker machines seems to be the most popular option for pokie reform in Australia, and political group GetUp! is taken to the media to promote it.

This week, a new advertisement campaign will begin airing, promoting the option of imposing $1 betting limits on pokies as part of the new reform. The group wants to urge citizens to contact local gaming operators and let them know that the betting limit is the best option to help reform curb problem gambling rates across the country.

As part of the campaign, GetUp! has targeted Woolworths and Coles, two of the largest poker machine providers in the country. Together, they own about 15 000 poker machines, more than five of the largest casinos in Las Vegas combined. Should these two companies sign on to support $1 betting limits, it would be a game-changers for the local gaming market.