Aristocrat is pulling out all of the stops, as it readies itself for the year ahead. The company is currently in the process of releasing several new land-based pokies games, and one of the most exciting titles that the company has planned is Crazy Taxi: Fare 4 All. If the name sounds familiar, that is because you’ve likely played this game before.

Crazy Taxi is a popular series from Sega, in which players pick up and drop off taxi customers while navigating through insane traffic. It is one of the company’s biggest hits and has inspired a number of spin offs from other developers. Now, Aristocrat has made a pokies game based on this exciting title.

Crazy Taxi: Fare 4 All can be played in one of two ways: Drift or Boost. Drift is a 25-reel game and Boost is a 50-reel game, each with a 15 credit ante wager. There are four great bonus features available - mystery credits, bonus multipliers, symbol morphs and wild reels – each in place to increase excitement and engage players even further.

The game is also linked to a five-level progressive jackpot, so players have plenty of chances to win life-changing sums of money from Crazy Taxi: Fare 4 All!