No matter how advanced the gaming world gets, casino card games and table games will always remain quite simple. That’s why casino and gaming venue operators go all out with their selection of pokies and electronic games.

Over the course of the past few years, we have seen some impressive advancements in the world of pokies technology, and WMS is taking things one step further with the release of its new Sensory Immersion Gaming experience. As the name implies, Sensory Immersion Gaming aims to engage players in the gaming experience in a brand new way.

Rather than simply rely on winning potential and bonus features to keep players entertained, Sensory Immersion Gaming uses graphics and sound to completely pull the player into the gaming experience. According to WMS’ website, Sensory Immersion Gaming “allows players to see, feel and hear the gaming experience”, as the cabinets come equipped with state-of-the-art graphics and a surround-sound gaming chair.

Currently, there are six Sensory Immersion Gaming titles available from WMS: Top Gun, Wizard of Oz, Ruby Slippers, Lord of the Rings, Attack from Mars and Time Machine. Each game comes equipped with its own unique theme and uses these features to enhance the player’s gaming experience. For example, the Top Gun slots game seats players as pilots in in F-14s, as they race through the skies doing tricks to catch bonus cash.

In Time Machine and Wizard of Oz, players are put in first-person perspective as they embark on exciting journeys to earn cash prizes. Several new games are in the works from WMS’ Sensory Immersion Gaming stable, including: Kiss, Gone With the Win and Lord of the Rings. These new games will offer the same immersive gaming experience as the previous generous of games, with enhanced graphics and surround-sound.

This is certainly a huge step forward for the land-based pokies market, providing players with something completely out of the ordinary to enhance their gaming experiences. We are eager to see the response with which the series is met in the Australian poker machine industry.