Cladstone has launched a new online gambling site that aims to change the way that we play pokies online. ISIS Friends is a new social gaming platform has gone live this week, providing players with the chance to bond over their favourite online casino games. In ISIS Friends, players can create a profile just like they would on Facebook. They can include photos and information about their lives.

On their page, they can post progress and screen shots from games that they have been playing on the site. Users can add one another and chat with them through an internal messaging service which resembles the one offered on Facebook. When users choose to play a game, they can view the names of other users that have recently played and recently won on the particular title.

They can also see which players have been the luckiest while playing the game. Besides the social gaming features, ISIS Friends offers players a number of promotions, including deposit bonuses. As such, it makes a good online casino site as well, and does not depend entirely on the social features to retain players.

“Vision and innovation has come full circle as ISIS Friends considered the first true social network built and regulated for the online gaming market has been successfully launched,” says Daniel Kajoie, CEO of ISIS Labs. Industry professionals have yet to offer an opinion on the site and its services, so they jury is still out.

At OnlinePokies4U, we are impressed with the innovation and forward-thinking required to create an online gambling site that is also a social network – but we can see why it may only have novelty appeal to some players. Still, it is a unique gaming service that has the potential to change the way we play pokies online.