On everyone’s New Years’ Resolution list is the pledge to spend less money – but that doesn’t mean not playing your favourite online pokies. You can still save money while gambling online by taking advantage of generous online casino bonuses, such as those offered by Casino.com. If you are a new player to the casino, you can receive a generous welcome bonus worth up to $3200.

It is part of a seven-step welcome promotion, which offers players several 100% match bonuses on their first deposits. The first bonus is a 100% match bonus worth up to $400 while the remaining six are worth up to $2800. New players can also take part in the Beginners Booster promotion. Every month, there is a Beginners Boost prize draw, which offers players the chance to win $1000.

Whenever players deposit $50 into their account, they earn one entry into the draw. Players can receive multiple entries for every $50 that their deposit. Every player who earns an entry receives a $10 prize or a 100% reload bonus. If you’re not new to the casino, there are still some great bonuses to take advantage of.

The Make Your Match bonus is available every month, offering players a 100% reload match bonus worth up to $500. VIP players receive double the amount, earning $1000. Simply enter the bonus code FIRST1 when making your deposit, and your cash will be doubled! There is also a mid-month bonus that awards players with a 25% match bonus halfway through the month. 25% reload bonuses are available every Tuesday, as well.

When it comes to promotions, Casino.com is one of the most generous online casino operators. If you are a bonus hunter, this is definitely the online gambling website that will provide the best overall experience.