In today’s gambling market, players have high standards. The online gaming world has given players a taste for instant gratification and, although the casino world is fast-paced, SkyCity feels that it just isn’t fast enough. As such, the company has replaced its 10-year-old Aristocrat gaming core with a new system from Bally.

The new system is also aimed to improving the overall customer experience by providing the operator with more data that can be used to offer custom promotions for players. The new core gaming system will be rolled out in SkyCity casinos in Adelaide and Darwin. It will employ 100 new IT workers and require the operation of eight data centres across the country.

As such, the upgrade has cost the casino operator a fair chunk of change; however, SkyCity refuses to disclose any finite numbers. According to Mike Clarke, chief information officer of SkyCity, the plan to upgrade the gaming core has been in motion in 2008. The desire to upgrade stemmed from the company’s need to improve its customer relationship management.

This meant improve monitoring and data systems that would provide SkyCity with the information it would need to keep players coming back for more based on their personal gaming behaviour. “The casino and entertainment industry drives customer loyalty by providing premium, personalised services,” says Clarke. “Our IT systems need to be able to match the speed and performance our guests expect.”

The new system from Bally also offers more advertising opportunities for the operator. The former system from Aristocrat was more financial-based, leaving out a key component of any casino’s successful business strategy. Bally’s gaming core offers well-round solutions for help SkyCity thrive in Australia’s gambling market All aspects of gaming in SkyCity will be covered by the new system.

All table game terminals, poker machines and gaming kiosks will come equipped with the new Bally gaming core. So far, the new system has been able to support 10 to 15 times more customer data than the previous system operated by Aristocrat.