Tatts Group is currently planning to launch a new lottery game called Set for Life. This new game aims to further drive growth for the lottery operator while offering players across the country a new way to win cash prizes. The new Set For Life lottery game will offer players the opportunity to win $20 000 a month for the next 20 years.

It will be the company’s first new game in almost 20 years, as Tatts Group aims to continue driving growth after a great financial year. Over the course of the past year, Tatts Group has seen significant growth in its lottery division. During the last half of 2014, the company saw a record increase of 14.6% to $139.2 million. Tatts wants to continue this growth, and feels that the way to do this is to bring in a new game.

The format of the new game is based on research carried out by Tatts Group, as the company wants to engage a new audience. 18 to 35-year-old are not usually committed lottery players, but they tend to purchase tickets when large jackpots are available. Set for Life will appeal to these players by providing them with the chance to win huge, life-changing prizes without having to make a big commitment to playing every week.

"Once you're in the 20 to 30 [age group], people tend to have a mortgage and kids,” says Robbie Cooke, Chief Executive of Tatts Group. “People are looking for a life-changing outcome." Tatts Group’s new Set For Life lottery must still pass regularly approval. We hope to see this new game launched later this year, as it offers up impressive winning potential for all lottery-playing demographics.