Earlier this month, it was announced that GetUp would be airing advertisements denouncing Woolworths and Coles for their involvement in the poker machine market. In an attempt to reduce gambling harm, the ad aimed to compel residents to tell the two gambling operators to impose betting limits; however, the public may never be exposed to the campaign.

According to a report by Nine News, most major television stations have refused to air the advertisements. GetUp spokesman Simon Sheikh stated that some TV companies were blunt about the issue, saying that there is ‘no chance’ that they will show the ads. While the organization expected some resistance, it did not expect to be shut out completely. Unfortunately, however, that is exactly what has happened.

According to Nine Network, airing the ads would jeopardize the station’s existing client base. On the bright side, cinemas and SBS are willing to take part in the campaign. While the details have yet to be ironed out, there is still a chance that GetUp’s pokie limit ads will see the light of day, after all.