Pokies to Bring in Less Tax Revenue This Year

Although pokie reform has not been implemented, projected spending on poker machines has decreased for the year. According to a recent report, players are spending $4 million less than estimates previously predicted. As a result, the government will have fewer tax dollars to claim this year.

The local government will receive just over $220 million. Previous estimates predicted that pokies would produce $312 million during 2012. Throughout 2013, the government estimated that $335 million would be generated – and $359 million in 2014.

Unfortunately, that will not be the case. The government is far behind when it comes to reaching its pokies taxes goals for the year. In order for the goal to be met, $99 million will have to be generated.

There is no word yet on why the sudden drop in pokies spending. However, we speculate that it may have to do with all of the recent talk about pokie reform and the harm that the machines potentially cause. While not particularly slanderous, it is likely that the pokie reform debate has discouraged many players from taking part in poker machine activities.

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