BetSoft has recently announced its new partnership with Chumba Casino, which will see several new online pokies being offered at the social casino website. The developer’s games are becoming increasingly popular in the online gambling market, and more casino operators are eager to put BetSoft games in their collections. Chumba Casino is considered a ground-breaking development in the world of online gambling.

It is one of few social casinos to successful marry elements of real-money gambling and social gaming apps. Players can wager play-money on casino games and pokies, earning achievements and unlocking content as they go. As such, BetSoft would be an ideal software partner. The company’s games lend themselves well to the social gaming world, since they offer a new take on traditional pokies and casino games.

Players are drawn into titles like Who Spun It? and SugarPop because the games offer many different elements besides simply spinning the reels to earn cash. Each game offers multi-level gaming, which encourage players to earn achievements and unlock new levels and perks. So, it seems BetSoft Games an Chumba Casino would go hand-in-hand.

“Chumba Casino is an entirely fresh take on the concept of iGaming,” say Anthony Locke, Head of Product Development at BetSoft. “We have never seen anything like it, and we are always on the hunt for unique and exciting new ways to present our games.” At the moment, Chumba Casino is only available for play on social gaming platforms like Facebook.

The games cannot be played for real cash prizes, but the platform does present players with the fun-filled and risk-free experience. The best part is that players can now wager on BetSoft games, which are usually only available to play on real-money platforms. The new partnership between Chumba Casino and BetSoft will certainly benefit both parties, and we are excited to see how BetSoft’s games fare in the social casino market.