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Diamond Queen is a poker machine developed by IGT, one of the top pokies manufacturers in Australia. The game has garnered a great deal of attention from players across the country, likely because of its unique theme and generous cash prizes.

When you think of riches, you normally think of diamonds and gold. Diamonds are the benchmark luxury item of any wealthy individual, making them the perfect theme for this popular pokies title. However, rather than focusing on modern-day riches, IGT’s Diamond Queen features a mystical theme set in a forest with fairies and gnomes.

The unique theme isn’t the only thing that has attracted players to this popular game. Diamond Queen also features a generous bonus game that offers players the chance to win great prizes. When the bonus symbol appears on reels 2, 3, or 4, the player triggers the bonus round, during which they can earn amazing cash prizes.

Initially, players are only awarded 3 free spins, which may seem a little on the paltry side, but there are a few special features that players can trigger during the free spins. First, every time a bonus symbol appears during the free spins round, the player is granted one extra spin. Secondly, the Diamond Queen symbol appears, which acts as a wild symbol. The number of wild reels that appear increases with every free spin, so players earn the chance to win very generous cash prizes from this poker machine.

IGT knows how to create unique and engaging poker machines such as Diamond Queen. The game has become highly popular in bars, restaurants and casinos across Australia, and the popularity has even spread to casinos around the world.

Players appreciate the fun and exciting free spins round, which offer them the chance to win big, while enjoying the unique theme. These elements combine to create a high-quality poker machine that players in Australia and around the world can all enjoy. Visit any casino or hotel to find this popular pokies game and be prepared to be immersed in a unique fantasy world.

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